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St Mary's Calne U13A XII vs  Dorset and Wiltshire County Tournament
On: Saturday, 16 Sep 2017
Venue: Away

v Godolphin B's Won 8-0 Fasoranti (3), Hodgson (1), Mallinson (2), Marvin (1), Rowell (1)
v Godolphin As Won 5-4 Enthoven (1), Fasoranti (1), Hubber (1), Mallinson (1), Marvin (1)

v Godolphin B

In our opening match against Godolphin B team we wanted to practise all the things we had been working on this week. The attack looked much more organised and there was even a quick stick goal from a beautiful cut from Martha.

Our match against Godolphin As was a great way to continue the start of the season. It was very close throughout the match but St Mary's was able to come out on top with a 5-4 victory. Hepsi had some amazing plays that really turned the game around for St Mary's. The distribution of goals amongst the players shows that this team was able to work together well and let everyone be included in the game. It was great to see this team play so well at the beginning of the season and we're all excited to see what is to come.

MVPs Hepsi Fasoranti and Kitty Marvin